American Poolplayers Association

Lake St. Louis, MO

This site for the American Poolplayers Association gave them a fresh look as well as a clean, organized restructuring of their substantial content library. Like many companies, they’d been working with the existing version of their site long enough that it had grown unruly, and they’d started shoehorning content into outdated page structures that no longer served their needs. The site was also more than 125 pages deep — not including hundreds of pages of blog content — so my team and I helped them eliminate unnecessary pages and consolidate content in ways that made sense.

APA requested a site built on the Divi page builder, and my designer created an attractive custom design with a sporty and classic red, white and blue palette. The end result is rich in information, but also consistent and easy to navigate.

The “Before” Picture

The original APA site wasn’t bad, but it had a dated, set-width design and it had outgrown its previous layout in every direction. I re-architected more than 100 pages of content for APA, ensuring that their content was organized and consistent across the site.

I was attentive to detail throughout, ensuring that each of APA’s annual tournament events had an attractive, eye-catching landing page with deep links for more information. By ensuring that the design was simple and consistent, I helped make navigating such a huge amount of information quick and easy.

Project Responsibilities

  • Sales
  • Account management
  • Project management
  • Brand strategy
  • Creative direction
  • Content inventory
  • UX/information architecture
  • Content input
  • QA


  • Tami Heaton: Executive producer/project manager
  • Andrea Walker: Design
  • Sky Shabatura: WordPress development