Client: CK Calvin Klein Jeans

This mini-site was part of a larger fall Calvin Klein Jeans ad campaign. The URL was promoted nationally through posters, postcards, magazine ads and banners. CKJ wanted to create an interactive user experience that highlighted the label’s fall line. We created two Flash environments: an interactive dressing room where users could try on CKJ outfits and a 360-degree virtual VIP room. The site included a Flash “beat mixer” with original music tracks, CKJ model bios and e-postcards, a store locator powered by Mapquest, and an online photo album where users could submit their own “Show Me Your Calvins” pix.


  • Acted as executive producer and project manager
  • Oversaw design and development of the project
  • Created project treatment, budget, site map, wireframes and production schedule
  • Lead regular creative meetings with project team
  • Attended regular creative meetings with CKJ team
  • Scouted for models and photo shoot locations
  • Gathered props and assisted at photo shoots
  • Hired and oversaw VIP shoot photographer, fashion stylist, and hair and makeup artist
  • Oversaw clothing shoot at the Calvin Klein warehouse
  • Managed all freelance relationships

Project Team

  • Tami Heaton: Executive producer/project manager
  • Raymond Chan: Design
  • World Domination Design Group: Flash development
  • Seth Zalman: HTML development
  • Brent Miller: Music
  • Shing-i Chen, Wendy Skratt: Photography
  • Amy Cooper: Photo editor
  • Vanessa Baran: Stylist
  • Paul Innis: Hair + makeup
  • Scott Alger: Technical producer
  • Three: Art director

Page Gallery

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