Photo: Courtney Bennett on Flickr

This international independent pop music festival, revived from its original incarnation in the ’90s, featured bands in the “indiepop” genre. The festival had once been a major unifying event in the NYC music scene — so our team decided to bring it back to life.

The five-day festival featured more than 40 bands at eight different venues across Manhattan and Brooklyn.


  • Booked all shows; acted as point of contact for venue talent buyers and event production coordinators
  • Established committees, committee head responsibilities and overall project plan/schedule for the festival
  • Worked closely with co-organizer on all financial aspects of the fest, including overall budget, venue payouts, marketing and merch expenses, and band payouts, transportation and lodging
  • Acted as point of contact for bands; coordinated gear requests and shared backline elements for all performers

Project Team

  • Tami Heaton, Kardyhm Kelly: Founders
  • Michael Murphy, Courtney Bennett, Maxwell Williams, Marisha Chinsky: Planners
  • Kardhym Kelly: Financial management
  • Tami Heaton: Booking and backline
  • Courtney Bennett, Michael Murphy: Fundraising and merch
  • Maxwell Williams: Sponsorship