Digital Strategy & Production

In 2007, I was hired to help Rosie O’Donnell chart her course online after her controversial departure from The View. She had just released her book Celebrity Detox, and she was feuding with Donald Trump. I helped bring vision to her online world and create a model for her to earn money online.


  • Directed all Internet- and webcam-related operations for Rosie O’Donnell
  • Developed content strategy and advertising model; created $2.1 million budget for online initiatives
  • Created advertising model to monetize
  • Led site redesign and architecture overhaul as part of overall company rebranding; handled approvals with Rosie directly
  • Installed network of wireless webcams in Rosie’s home for video blogging

Note: After just 8 months, Rosie let the digital team go and moved on to other plans.