Founded in 2003, Gotham Girls Roller Derby helped lead the charge to bring the American-born sport of roller derby back to the national limelight. A group of 10 women inspired by Austin’s TXRD Lonestar Rollergirls quickly grew to a fleet of 64 skaters on four teams, with nine referees, four mascots and countless support staff. By the end of the league’s inaugural season, monthly bouts were drawing 1800+ fans to a rundown disco skating rink in the South Bronx. Lines out the door and around the block were the norm.

In the years since, the league has taken the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association national championship title three times. Several GGRD skaters are members of Team USA Roller Derby.


  • Founding skater and Board of Directors member
  • Planned league marketing initiatives, including promotional efforts for GGRD events, advertising campaigns, public appearances and media opportunities
  • Helped manage public relations, including extensive on-site media handling and meeting with reality TV producers
  • Wrote and edited press releases, poster copy, flyers, website copy and online newsletters
  • Responsible for architecture, design, content development, HTML/CSS coding and overall maintenance of GGRD website
  • Heavily involved in overall league planning and strategy


These documents are password-protected — please contact me if you’d like to view my strategic and planning work.

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